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Back to school in Calais Jungle

This was taken from a French Paper 26 August 2016 and shows that the official approved Jules Ferry Centre provides quality education for the young and teenagers in the Calais Camp. Here they get access to other approved care such as health and assistance from social services
which they do not
get form the Illegal squat. This is a translation via google so please bare with me:)

They call Jawad, Suad, Waheed and Abel came from Eritrea, Albania and Afghanistan, driven by the migration plans of their parents, these children perform this week their new school year at the "jungle" of Calais with teachers recruited by the Ministry of Education.

Jules Ferry Centre Picture
The Device Home and Education (DAE) of the "jungle" of Calais is not a real school but welcomes children who want it.

"I'll teach you a new song to say hello!" , Launches Constance gaily, their teacher of 34 years, blue eyes and short hair. This morning at around 11am, they are seven children to have crossed the threshold of this class located in the area reserved for women of the Jules Ferry center, serving thousands of meals to migrants who failed in the "Jungle " largest slum in France.

In this prefabricated sixty square meters, where two classrooms were built in early June for around 100,000 euros, these children, who sometimes traveled thousands of kilometers in appalling conditions, can discover the mysteries (and challenges ) of the French language.

But as it is not a school in the strict sense, with compulsory attendance and registration form, Education, not stingy in the matter, has created a specific acronym: DAE (d Device Home and education).

Jules Ferry Centre Picture
"This is not a school as we could tell because it is a transitional arrangement, and no registration" says Christine Salvary, 57, Inspector of Education. There are two other good schools in the "jungle", but they were created by the voluntary sector, without the approval of the Ministry and the State.

In total, since opening in early June, a hundred children from six to sixteen years were enrolled in the DAE. In July, they were sometimes until 25 in the morning in class. Between 13h and 15h, it is often turn older coming in progress: "the afternoon, it is the teenagers because most have tried to spend the night (Trying to get to England ) (in England, Ed) and therefore the a little afternoon " notes Ms. Salvary.

Thus, the bearing is permanent: some went to England in a clandestine manner, others have set foot in Britain in legal approximation while some took refuge in shelters elsewhere in France.

This makes it difficult for the teacher to face a class that changes almost daily. "It is the peculiarity of this post, I can not prepare lessons in advance, I do not know if it will be four or eight, if the level is homogeneous or heterogeneous, so I adapt " , slips Constance, one of two teachers recruited.

Also, the friendly voice and energetic tone, she does not hesitate to vibrate the strings of the guitar or use an accordion to help young children become familiar with the French language.
A small Albanians barely say "I have six years" , while its African neighbors are more comfortable. After learning the presentation of words, learning the alphabet and numbers, the students settled on metal seats attached to wooden tables recalling the days of Jules Ferry, with room for the inkwell , a given device by the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Armed with his notebook, a school girl with braids neat passes the writing workshop. Some children have never been to school, especially those from Africa. Besides learning the important thing is to provide a framework and rules for these children, away from the law of the "Jungle".

"Every time I go to school and I see the progress of these children, it is a small breath of fresh air" , welcomes St├ęphane Duval, CEO of the Centre Jules Ferry.

From the classroom window, where are hung children's drawings, and alphabet world map, you can see hundreds of adult migrants in the courtyard, protecting himself from the heat wave, some deceiving their boredom by improvising a football match in pending find a way to reach England.

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