50 Million More Investment For Retallack Park

It has been 20 years since I started on the Retallack Park project in Cornwall and was told there was no chance of ever getting planning for this site. My vision was to create a disabled friendly leisure development and I was thrilled when we start building it. It has moved on a long way since I sold it, but essentially if they stick to the original concept this ever growing leisure park should continue into the future.

I was thrilled today to come across this headline -

It was good to learn that Aria Resorts had bought the site and now looking at putting in another 50 Million. The following companies are trading as Aria Resorts: Southern Parks Limited, Rookley Hold Limited, Coastal Parks Hold Limited, AG Gara Rock Limited, AG Retallack Limited, AG Newperran Limited and Essential Vivendi Limited.

Aria Resorts have submitted the plan (picture opposite) and hope to get through planning at the end of this year. The public have until December 5 to make comments on the plans. The plans are lodged with the council under application number PA18/08287.

Aria have lots of good experience in developing resorts.

For a site like this one you are going to need deep pockets so will be excited to follow the progress and I am keen to encourage the support for those who are disabled. 

Will keep you posted on progress here on this blog. You can read about my days of building this on this page click here!