The French government is to create over 3,000 additional bed spaces in reception centres for migrants and asylum-seekers

PARIS - The French government is to create 3,000 additional bed spaces in reception centres for migrants and asylum-seekers, French housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse said Wednesday. The centres, set up in 2015 to encourage migrants to register rather than attempt the illegal crossing into Britain, currently have a capacity of around 2,000.

The Minister of Housing, Emmanuelle Cosse, confirmed in an interview with World create 3,000 accommodation places for migrants in reception and orientation centers. Created last year, the transit structures to the asylum aim to encourage migrants to Calais and Ventimiglia to give passage to Britain. "We will, before the end of September, more than double the capacity of respite centers, from 2,000 to 5,000 seats," promises Emmanuelle Cosse. These accommodation places will be distributed among the 50 new shelters and 'orientation. In late June, the Ministers of Interior and Housing had already written to the prefects giving them instructions for identifying their department places likely to welcome these additional 3000 seats. The minister has finally announced its intention to develop the accommodation of migrants in particular, launching a call for projects with the host associations.

 At the turn of this interview, Emmanuelle Cosse also confirms the creation of a Calais isolated juvenile facility , 72 seats. It will be an annex of the Jules Ferry center where the association La Vie Active is already home night and day 400 women and children in vulnerable situations. In June, UNICEF alarmed the exploitation of migrant children in the "jungles" French, especially prey to violence and prostitution.

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