Pinewood England

Here are some of the pictures of the build -
Pinewood before front. People fought over trying to buy this and all we wanted was to pull it down.

Pinewood back - Extended 3 bed bungalow 

After now twice the size (front) Oak tower 

Back of house with balconies 
Pinewood our building plot, land and alpaca's

First get approval to remove 70ft Fir tree! Tangled in a telegraph pole!

Edward and me taking on the challenge
Whilst we wait for the conservation office to make his mind up about the tree. Lisa says we will rip out a forest!

100's of tree taken out including the roots whilst we get planning permission !

As the digger gets hungry for more :)
Foundations at the back 2.8 meters deep!

This is the picture I showed the bank manager when he said he would only lend another £30,000! He changed his mind.

Oak tower was only connected by the roof and put together with wood pegs just like the Tudors

Back of the property, hand made windows going in.
Back of the property shows house, stables some of the land, huge garage 

Edward on the lawn tractor

Emily reading the instruction manual for the alpaca's 
Hope to add more pictures soon.