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Curfew Needed For Calais Jungle! 
Date: 23/08/16

Calais migrants: one dead and several wounded in the night between the "jungle" and the A16
A migrant died in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Marck. Fifteen migrants were also wounded and had to be rescued, Marck and Calais, between the "jungle", the port ring road and the A16, where they try every night passage to England. The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais evokes a fight between migrants.

Tuesday morning, a Sudanese migrant thirty years has been found seriously injured in a field along the channel Marck . Relief failed to revive him and he died shortly after 7 pm as a result of his injuries . According to the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais, a clash took place in the night between Sudanese and Afghan migrants.

According to police sources, a fight has indeed erupted in the night between migrants, leaving many injured . This fight occurred on the premises of their pass attempts in England, mainly between the slum and the A16, where dams are raised every night to force the truck to stop .

According to firefighters rushed to the scene, from the barracks Marck, Calais and Audruicq, fifteen migrants were injured during the clashes . " We found bodies everywhere, along the highway, at a place called Fort Verde Marck near Calais ... the waste ," says one of them. The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais also confirms that a Sudanese 35, who accompanied the deceased victim was transferred to the Calais Hospital to be treated for a head wound . His prognosis is not engaged.

The drama took place in a field along the channel Marck , route taken regularly migrants headed for the A16 and the interchange of Marck, opposite the area of the Dryads. These are farmers who warned the police early Tuesday morning. " We were trying to give food to our animals when we heard cries , says one of them. We've had a lot of damage in our fields , but this is the first time there wounded and one dead . "

A security perimeter was set up around places where the victim was found, the time of the intervention of the forensic experts . Present on site, the mayor (LR) Marck, Pierre-Henri Dumont has again denounced the migratory situation of Calais. " The extraordinary is commonplace, it is normal that 3-400 migrants wander through field the night! " He also reiterated his wish to see established a curfew for migrants of the "jungle", a device it " compatible with the state of emergency ."

Source of news  - a direct translation via google - E&OE