Meetings Attended

Here is a log of some of the meetings attended or been part of -

2020 Meetings - 

United Nations: Conference, Faith In The UN 
Briefing on Biosecurity approach to emerging infectious diseases and bioweapons
OSCE Conference: Human Dimension Meeting (SHDM) II on Freedom of Expression, Media and Information
Combatting Online Hate Speech and Disinformation Targeting Religious Communities USCIRF
OSCE conference throws a spotlight on freedom of religion or belief in the digital age 

2019 Meetings-

House of Commons meeting on Modernizing the British Armed Forces
House of Commons meeting on Terrorist Manifestos of the Far-Right

2018 Meetings -

House of Lords meeting - Maritime Cooperation & Competition in Asia
House of Lords meeting - Modern War Crimes Tribunals
APPG Sudan

2017 Meetings -

House of Lords meeting - How Modern Slavery and Sexual Violence Fund Terrorism
House of Lords meeting - Ukraine: Continuing Reforms
House of Lords meeting on Christianity in the Middle East: Hezbollah and Refugees
House of Lords meeting Israel and Palestine:After Obama, Waiting for Trump
House of Commons meeting The Inside of Indian Intelligence
House of Commons meeting US-UK intelligence co-operation in the age of Trump
House of Commons meeting on Compliance with the Prevent Duty on Campus
House of Commons meeting on Muslim Brotherhood
House of Commons meeting on Assisting Ukraine in Times of Armed Conflict
House of Commons meet on Reflections On Homeland Security

2016 Meetings  

House of Lords meeting Gulf Foreign Aid and Military Intervention in a Time of Fiscal Austerity’
House of Commons meeting on Islam & Human Rights
House of Commons meeting on Poverty in Palestinian Refugee Camps.
House of Lords meeting on The Changing Landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Impact of Syrian Crisis.
National Identity and Schools; What should the approach to Islam be?

June 2015 Attended Houses of Parliament Office of Science & Technology Meeting 

Vegetative & Minimally Conscious States 
Chair The Rt Hon the Baroness Butler-Sloss

July 2015 Atended House of Lords meeting -The Economic and Social Challenges facing Palestinian Refugees and the Search for Solutions
Chair Baroness Jenny Tonge

August 2015 Attended Middle East Monitor MEMO - Palestine & Latin America In The 21st Century (Building solidarity for national rights)