Jules Ferry Centre Calais

Jules Ferry Centre is the only official government  part funded and approved help provided to migrants in Calais (Calais Jungle ) This centre provides care for 1500 in the UN style container camp and up to 400 women and children in the main Jules Ferry Centre.  They welcome each day up to 2400 migrants, provide over 500 showers and washing facilities daily. This is an outstanding center that offers support to those migrants who want to move on with their lives and even provides a school and many other activities. 

Please read this update from Jules Ferry Centre August 2016 

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Text taken from Jules Ferry Website - 

Calais crossing to the UK 
Calais is the point of closest passage to the United Kingdom, which converge towards migrant populations for over 15 years. Their hope is to reach England illegally. Several thousand people are in transit and for an indefinite period on the Calais region. If initially, migrants were mostly adult men, they are also today women with or without children and unaccompanied minors. 

A day care center for migrant populations 
Faced with the humanitarian emergency, the prevailing insecurity, degraded health conditions and vulnerability of women and children, the state decided to intervene.With the city of Calais and relying on field associations already in place, the former summer camp Jules Ferry Calais turned into day care center. It opens in April 2015. A hosting service for vulnerable women and children is set up at the same time in the center. 
The management of these services was entrusted to the Active Life, Association already intervening in the sector with the Miners Isolated Foreigners, for over 15 years.  

What they do -  
400 places for vulnerable women and children are available. Currently, 200 women and children are staying day and night. 1500 accommodation places are available at the Welcome Center for Provisional families and for men. During their stay, the teams will ensure support people hosted one hand, to the relevant services for social care, health and / or psychological and the other, in their asylum procedures for those who wish to stay in France. 

A reception from 9:30 to 18:00 every day of the year.Three playgrounds are available, each equipped with 80 power points, free access. A team is present to ensure proper operation and exchange with migrants. 
60 Showers are available from 9h30 to 13h30 with a distribution of hygiene kits. 40 toilets are available from 9:30 to 18:00. A laundry is available from 9:30 am to 13h. Drinking water is in constant access to outside center. 

Food Is Provided -
Breakfast is served each morning. A hot meal is served each day. It covers the daily food needs of an adult. It is made in the central kitchen on site. The distribution of food is carried by employees and volunteers. For women and children housed, three meals and a snack are served daily. Tea and coffee are provided every day from 10:00 to 12:00. 

Medical Assistance -
A clinic is available at the entrance of the center, it is managed by the Calais Hospital which provides a full team of medical personnel. first aid medicines are provided on site. 

Other Official Services -
Many partners are present. For administrative procedures: the OFII (French Office for Integration and Immigration, OFPRA (French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons), the prefecture, France Terre d'Asile ... For minors isolated. France Terre d'Asile some unaccompanied children can be oriented in MECS (Children of Character in Social House) and some adults in CHRS (Hosting Centre for Social Welfare).